English Premier League Top Goal Scorer 2011/2012 – EPL Leading Goal Scorers

by SportsNub Team on August 22, 2011

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English Premier League Top Goal Scorers 2011/2012

English Premier League 2011-2012

EPL Leading Goals Scorers of Season 2011/2012

The Premier League season has already started and we are almost in the 3rd week of it. We have already started seeing some of the tight matches of the league now and we still wait for more action. We here at sportsnub.com are ready to provide you all the entertainment of this season. We will provide live updates and highlights of all the matches as well as will provide you with statistical analysis of the season. You can stay tuned right here to find out all the things. The Top scorers table will be placed right here below so make sure you bookmark this page and comeback later.

Past year we had a tie between two players in top scorers list. One was Carlos Tevez of Man City and another was Man Utd’s Dimitar Berbatov. Both had 20 goals in the season to make the top of the list. But, now we have both the players not available and we will be waiting up for a new player to get up in that list. Experts says that Manchester United’s golden boy Rooney can make the top of the list and some says that Man City’s new sign in Sergio Aguero can make the top of the list. It would be very exciting to enjoy all this things whoever makes the list. You can tune in right here as we provide you all the details of English Premier League 2011/2012 season.

Premier League 2011/2012 Leading Goal Scorers

The table will be updated after every matches so make sure you visit here daily to get the latest list.

Top Scorers of 2011/2012 Season

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